Frequently asked questions and answers

To whom is it intended?

To any aviation enthusiast or professional.

I don't have piloting experience or knowledge, will I be able to fly the simulator successfully?

Yes, our staff will guide you through the basics for a successful flight.

What can I expect from a flight simulator experience?

A simulator like ours provides a great level of immersion and realism, giving the feeling that we are flying the real aircraft with all its demands.

Can I bring other guests to observe my simulation at no extra cost?

Yes, there is no fee for non-flying guests. Please note that the simulator maximum capacity including the instructor is 4 persons.

Can I book a slot that is not listed on the website?

Yes, a customer can specify a custom slot. This will require further communication to clarify the customer´s needs and pricing.

Are there requirements regarding Covid?

Yes, customers will be subject to a temperature reading and required to wear a face mask when entering our installations. Hand sanitizing also required before boarding the simulator.

What is the maximum capacity in the simulator?

4 persons.

How do I know a given Slot is enough to make a desired flight?

In case of doubt, it is always advisable to send an information request before making a reservation.

I have fear of flying, is your simulator beneficial for me?

Yes, we have a programa guided by especialists in our simulator to help face and overcome the fear of flight. Please contact us for more information.

Can I fly with a friend or relative?

Yes, if you both have knowledge of how to operate the Boeing 737-800 autonomously. Otherwise only one can fly at a time. This is the main difference between the Simple Slots and PRO Slots  reservation options.

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